Pittsburgh is No. 1 among “Best Cities for Relocating Families,” according to the 2008 rankings compiled by Worldwide ERC, a relocation services industry trade group. In addition to the housing market, economy and other factors, the ranking includes a green living index, which measures environmental incentives and policies, the availability of biofuel, wind power generation and the number of energy-efficient buildings.

Why should I care?

Climate change poses risk to the quality of life that Pittsburghers enjoy as well as the economic and human health of their region.

Pittsburgh’s four distinct seasons and its abundant natural beauty could be altered if heat-trapping gases continue to grow.

The cost of living in Pittsburgh could rise and several key industries could be in jeopardy as a result of continued global warming.

The health of Pittsburgh’s residents, meanwhile, could be compromised if heat-trapping gases continue unchecked.

Steps to reduce greenhouse gases in Pittsburgh, however, has the potential to fuel another renaissance in a city known for its rebirths.