Retrofit Mercury Streetlamps
with More Efficient Models

Projected GHG Reduction: 1,311 tons CO2 if all City streetlamps were replaced with LEDs
Implementation year(s): 2010

The City of Pittsburgh operates 39,709 street lights, accounting for the use of 2,288,663 kWh per year. There are many types of streetlamps available that are more energy efficient than those currently in the City of Pittsburgh. The type of lamp used can affect color recognition and depth perception, making certain lamps better suited to roadways, while others might be more appropriate in crowded downtown areas.

A pilot project is planned for the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Mount Washington, to install LED streetlamps. A request for proposals from lighting contractors was released in spring 2008. The results of this pilot project and/or further studies should be used to determine what type of lamp can best meet the City’s lighting needs, while saving energy and money, without sacrificing aesthetics and safety.

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