Conduct Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Projected GHG Reduction: Unknown
Implementation year(s): 2010

A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory calculates the amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from an organization’s energy use, transportation, and solid waste disposal. Because different greenhouse gases have different warming potentials, an inventory can be created using software that reports the results in units of carbon dioxide equivalents. A GHG inventory is an important step in decreasing an organization’s carbon footprint because it identifies the sources of greenhouse gases and the contribution of each. Such an inventory can be a low-risk way for a business to get engaged and educated about climate change, while starting to focus its efforts; likewise, a regularly updated GHG inventory allows businesses that have already made environmental improvements to quantify the results of their efforts and identify where additional progress can be made.

Completing inventories can be time-consuming and complex. The Business Climate Coalition should provide assistance to businesses who want to complete greenhouse gas inventories, by identifying an environmental non-profit to do so, collaborating with local universities to use graduate students, or providing information about resources that may help them perform or contract out their own greenhouse gas inventories.

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