Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) is a municipal corporation which aims to provide decent, affordable housing for low-income persons. HACP is an active participant in the Climate Initiative and has completed several recommendations in the Climate Action Plan. HACP has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by retrofitting and replacing outdated buildings to be more energy efficient. For example, HACP has committed to purchasing ENERGY STAR certified appliances, which substantially reduces energy and water use in apartment units.

Case Study: Through energy savings performance contracts, HACP installed numerous energy and water savings improvements at a variety of sites. All 4,700 units received low flow toilets and water restrictors, and all common and exterior areas have high efficiency lighting. In addition, three HACP properties have geothermal heating and cooling systems.

HACP Contact

David Weber
Government Relations & Special Services Officer
(412) 456-5012
[email protected]

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