UK Chief Scientific Adviser Offers Grave Warning

The Telegraph recently reported that the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir John Beddington, offered grave warnings regarding climate change as he steps down from his position. He explained that because of the lag time between when greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere and the resulting effects, while we wait for world leaders to agree on an emissions reduction strategy, GHG are “still climbing, and when that increase is reversed, we will be left with the weather and the climate for the next 25 years from whenever that happens.”

The article noted that Beddington “admitted there were some ‘uncertainties’ in the analysis of climate change but stressed that there was clear evidence that it is happening in the way that climate models suggest.”

Read the full story here.

Source: “World faces decades of climate chaos, outgoing chief scientific adviser warns” by Sam Marsden, from The Telegraph, March 25, 2013

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