Neighborhood Blitz a Success!

Blitz groupOn July 19, PennFuture organized a group of 12 volunteers who distributed 137 free energy-saving toolkits to residents in the Mt. Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The contents of the bags included CFL light bulbs, a smart power strip, LED night lights, window and door caulk, and various pamphlets with energy saving tips.

Each bag helps to avoid over 3,817 pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere and saves each household over $100 in electricity costs per year. The residents using these energy-saving products will help to avoid over half a million pounds of CO2 from being released, which is equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road or planting 6,082 trees.

The Black and Gold City Goes Green campaign engages residents of Pittsburgh in simple actions they can take to reduce their energy demand at home through energy efficient products and behaviors. This initiative was created by PennFuture in 2009 to carry out recommendations in the community sector of the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan. Neighborhood blitzes provide direct community involvement to help reduce Pittsburgh’s greenhouse gases—a major contributor to climate change—and improve the region’s air quality.

Since the neighborhood blitz was adopted as a proactive outreach model in 2010, the Black and Gold City Goes Green campaign has organized 24 blitzes throughout 16 different neighborhoods in Pittsburgh that have reached a total of 2,139 households. .

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