Green Workplace Challenge

How Are Businesses Making a Difference?

Though Pittsburgh has transitioned from an industrial economy to one increasingly reliant on service, business still generates a significant portion of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why reducing emissions from businesses will play an important role in Pittsburgh’s ability to reach its greenhouse gas reduction goal. Businesses that reduce emissions protect our climate while reducing their costs.

The Business Climate Coalition was created to implement recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by Pittsburgh’s commercial and industrial sector. The BCC is lead by Sustainable Pittsburgh and meets every eight weeks.

The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge, originally developed as a recommendation in Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Version 2.0, engages Southwestern Pennsylvania’s business community in a fair and friendly competition that will produce real reductions in resource use and greenhouse gas emissions, while promoting sustainable business practices.

Participation in the Green Workplace Challenge helps businesses gain:
- Financial savings from reduced energy, water, and waste expenses
- Access to workshops, experts, and tools to manage utility usage and costs
- Public recognition for green achievements

For Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, Version 2.0, Sustainable Pittsburgh and the Business Climate Coalition generated a series of  recommendations on how businesses can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through BCC development, energy use, transportation, recycling & waste management, and funding.

Case Study: Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle Market District

Giant Eagle Market District in Shadyside

As one of the nation’s largest privately held food retailers and distributors, Giant Eagle has agreed to purchase 4 percent of its energy from green resources. As a result, Giant Eagle’s 11 stores in the City of Pittsburgh have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 900 tons annually.

Business Climate Coalition Contact

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Program Manager, Sustainable Pittsburgh
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Steering Committee members for the Business Climate Coalition.