About the Pittsburgh Climate Initiative

The Pittsburgh Climate Initiative works collaboratively in the Pittsburgh region to reduce greenhouse gases through measureable actions. 

Our values are:

PCI will always work collaboratively across all sectors.

PCI will quantify measureable greenhouse gas reductions across all sectors.

PCI will strive to represent our environmental impact accurately.

PCI will build climate champions across all sectors. 

Science is a fundamental basis for policy setting. 

PCI will find strategies to pursue the triple bottom line.


The Pittsburgh Climate Initiative is charged with guiding implementation of the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan.

· PCI Management:  Green Building Alliance oversees PCI facilitation, administration, and collaboration, while also managing measurement and verification of overall PCI greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.

· Municipal: City of Pittsburgh and ICLEI - Creating more sustainable City operations.

· Community: PennFuture - Addressing community climate activities through “The Black and Gold City Goes Green” initiative, which was introduced on March 17, 2009.

· Business: Sustainable Pittsburgh - Leading the Business Climate Coalition.

· Translation to County Level: Pennsylvania Environmental Council - Working directly with Allegheny County on its green initiatives, including a greenhouse gas inventory of County municipal operations.

· Higher Education: Green Building Alliance - Engage all Pittsburgh region colleges and universities to share information and set goals regarding research agenda, curricula, operations, outreach activities, and commitments that reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to align with Pittsburgh’s overall greenhouse gas reduction goal.

During 2009 and 2010, The Green Building Alliance is quantifying the impact of already accomplished recommendations to establish the Pittsburgh's progress toward its goal of a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2023.