2013: Wins for Climate Science, Mixed Bag for Climate Policy

Temperature GraphWhen reflecting on 2013, last year was a big year for climate science and policy. One of the most talked-about academic papers of the year shows a 97% consensus in peer-reviewed climate science literature on the certainty of human-caused global warming. Climate scientists also debunked a myth that global warming has paused, which was an excuse for inaction by policymakers. Scientists also made advancements in understanding oceanic temperature changes and the heat amplification effect from cloud cover.

Despite these advancements in climate science, 2013 was not a strong year for climate policy. On an international level, very little was accomplished at the Warsaw climate talks, and countries were given an extra year to develop plans to cut emissions. Australia has pledged to abolish their carbon tax and Canada has continued to develop oil from tar sands. At the same time, President Obama has released an executive order for climate change preparedness and resilience, along with increased regulations on emissions from power plants.

With the recent climate change forecast intensifying from “dangerous” to “catastrophic”, 2014 must be the year for climate change action. Read more about 2013 climate wins and losses in .

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